Corporate Gifts

The Pentagon series can offer specially customized umbrellas as corporate gifts for corporate customers only.

Also, if you get data, we will arrange the design, color scheme, size, etc.

There may be cases where it is not possible to respond to your request due to circumstances such as transaction conditions or production capacity. Please note.

Customization available

■ We put logo in silk screen print

The simplest customization is putting a logo in one place and one color.

We will respond with silk screen print. The minimum order number is from 36 pieces.

■ Full customization

We manufacture fabrics, handles, colors and prints according to your specifications.

Depending on the design and lot you want, you need about 120 days for delivery time, so please contact us for more details.

■ OK without processing

Please contact us for wholesale price from Contact.


Q:How much is the wholesale price?

Answer:The price is not disclosed on the website, so please contact us.

Please let us know the planned quantity when making an inquiry, as it will depend on the lot.

Q:What is the shipping method?

Answer:Ships from Japan by international express mail (EMS).

If the lot is large, it will be shipped from the factory (China).

Q:How long will it take to deliver?

Answer:Depending on the region, it is about 2 to 9 days. Average 3-5 days.

Q:How do you pay

Answer:Please make a T / T transfer to the designated bank account.

Ships after payment is confirmed.