Ultra lightweight folding umbrella is PENTAGON

Super Lightweight Umbrella

The combination of carbon fiber frame and 15 denier fabric creates a super lightweight folding umbrella. Not only light, wind resistant structure that can withstand wind speed up to 15m / s, umbrella that combines lightness and durability.

72g umbrella is the lightest in the world

Super Lightweight Umbrella

In order to develop an umbrella of 80 grams or less, we reviewed the parts used from the beginning.

The umbrella fabric is woven in 15 denier, the same thickness as the yarn used for stocking, and the bones of the umbrella are made lightweight by combining it with a light and durable frame of carbon fiber and aluminum.

Light but strong

Super Lightweight Umbrella

Conventional umbrellas lose their strength if they are made lighter, and they become heavier if they are made stronger. The Pentagon is not only light, but also strong and durable. Wind resistance test is repeated and it has a durable frame structure that can withstand wind speeds up to 15 m / s.

Nano technology strong water repellent finish "Easy Dry"

Coating that lasts strong water repellency is "Easy-Dry"

By modifying the water repellent into fine particles of nano class, the water repellent coating penetrates deep into the fiber and becomes difficult to peel off.

Because it is a very thin fabric, it is light and slim finish

The umbrella fabric is a lip top woven with 15 denier yarn at the same level as the yarn used in stocking. The fabric is thinner and lighter than ordinary fabric, and the entire umbrella is also lighter.

※ Because the ripstop is woven in a grid, the fabric is less likely to tear.

Use carbon fiber for umbrella bone

Umbrella bone is not made of conventional steel or glass fiber material, but has been changed to a combination of light and strong carbon fiber and aluminum to reduce weight.

It can be stored compactly because it is light and slim

Because it is a very thin fabric, it is very compact when you fold the umbrella. It is hard to be bulky even in a bag. A folding umbrella that you can carry around at any time.

Color Variation