About Us

Amvel Inc. is an umbrella fabless manufacturer established in April 2016 by three people with long experience in the umbrella industry.

We mainly specialize in select shop and apparel brand OEM.

We have developed the world's lightest folding umbrella "Pentagon" using our know-how.

Our Mission

Be comfortable

We believe that the umbrella used on a gloomy rainy day must be comfortable to use.

For example, being comfortable is light.

It does not get in the way when you don't use an umbrella as light as it is and it's hard to get tired while using it.

Also, even if you lighten the umbrella, it will be broken quickly if the material is weak, so we will provide a durable umbrella that is hard to break.

Be ecology

The future umbrella should be eco.

Umbrellas are made of various materials, and single item recycling is a difficult product.

For products that are difficult to recycle, we still need to devise materials that can be used for a long time.

OEKO-TEX100 Standard

"Pentagon" manufactures fabrics at factories that have passed OEKO-TEX 100, with a worldwide certification system aimed at eliminating the effects and harms to human body by harmful substances.

Our Story

Recent rains are more frequent than short-time rains.

After using an umbrella for a short time, I think that a folding umbrella is convenient for carrying around if it is a long umbrella.

There are various types of folding umbrellas, but the Pentagon has developed products under the theme of "a light umbrella that does not bother you even if you always put an umbrella in the bag."

And the target weight is lighter than the smartphones you always carry around.

And not only being light, but being a long-lasting umbrella.

The Pentagon is a combination of carefully selected lightweight fabrics and lightweight bone materials, and a durable product has been created.